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Vintage Buffet R-13 Bb Professional Clarinet

I purchased this clarinet as a college student in 1977 while majoring in music education. It came from Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center and was selected by a professional clarinetist. It has always been used inside in a "concert and solo" setting and meticulously maintained. It has never been used in marching band.

This clarinet received a complete overhaul in 2020 by a professional woodwind repair tech and has been played little since. Work included new pads, corks, springs and tenons. 

*Extra:  I am including an additional Buffet Moennig Clarinet barrel

   - Very clean
   - Wood finish very good
   - Silver plating on keys is good

   - Wood in good shape
   - Pads are new 
   - Tenon corks new
   - Springs new

   - Newer Buffet case

    - Very few. The horn is is great condition. The only issue is it encountered a small crack in the upper body in 1982. It was sent to a special repair shop and repaired. It has had no problems since.


R13 Professional Bb Clarinet with Silver Plated Keys Specifications:

  • Body: Hand Selected Grenadilla
  • Bore: Poly-cylindrical / .574
  • Barrel: Grenadilla / 66mm / Cylindrical
  • Bell: Grenadilla / SIlver Plated Bell Ring
  • Key System: Boehm (French) / 17 Keys
  • Keys: Silver Plated
  • Special Keys: None
  • Tone Holes: Undercut
  • Pads: Double Skin
  • Springs: Blue Steel (French)
  • Includes: Deluxe Case / Ligature & Cap / Care Products
  • Crafted In: France